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Negotiation Skills

Trainer: Kristina Böhlke (KEPOS)


Trainer: Kristina Böhlke (KEPOS)

Date & time: 25 + 26 April 2024

Venue: tentative: onsite

Target group: advanced PhD students and postdocs


Participants will understand the essential role of negotiation as a foundation for professional developement and change. With a focus on application in institutional contexts or job interviews, the following aspects will be addressed:

  • Defining your own goals and interests for the negotiation
  • Analyzing the interests of the other negotiating parties
  • Identifying common goals and win-win constellations
  • Dealing with different communication styles and preferences
  • Resolution techniques for conflicts in negotiations

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Trainer: Kristina Böhlke (KEPOS)

Date: 25 Apr - 26 Apr 2024
Location: IMB
Registration: 28 Jan 2024
Contact: training(at)