Media Lab

In general, the Media Lab provides support for the day-to-day work of IMB's scientists by producing commonly used solutions, culture media and by maintaining a stock of reagents. It is also responsible for sterilisation and cleaning tasks as well as waste disposal services.

Based on scientific demand, the Media Lab currently produces about 40 different buffers, liquid media, and agar plates, maintaining a steady supply for IMB’s research groups. The facility is furthermore in charge of managing a vector database, human ORF cDNA clone collection and cell line bank, which are available for use by all IMB scientists.

Besides its own media production, the Media Lab operates eFreezers for New England BioLabs® and Life Technologies™, providing researchers with molecular biology or cell culture related products. In addition to the sterilisation of liquids and solids as well as the cleaning of glassware, the Media Lab is also responsible for autoclaving and thus the inactivation of S1/S2 waste materials from all research groups.