The Scientific Management Department is headed by Ralf Dahm, who was appointed in 2010.

As Director of Scientific Management, Ralf is responsible for a range of activities, such as overseeing IMB’s outreach activities, including public and media relations and the institute’s website; the acquisition and management of extramural funds through IMB’s Grants Office; the organisation of conferences, symposia, IMB’s Seminar and Lecture series and other scientific events arranged by IMB’s Scientific Events Office; the recruitment and training of junior scientists through IMB’s International PhD Programme, Summer School and Postdoc Programme as well as facilitating the recruitment and moving to IMB of senior scientists; research evaluations and the organisation of IMB’s annual Scientific Advisory Board meetings as well as institutional cooperations and the acquisition of external funding to support institutional activities.

Phone: +49 (0) 6131-39-21503
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Personal Assistant to Dr Ralf Dahm
Carina Siefert
Phone: +49-6131-39-21455