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Julian König joins the prestigious Heisenberg Programme

Julian studies posttranscriptional gene regulation and how this is disrupted in disease and ageing. [more]


Katharina Papsdorf joins IMB as a Group Leader

Katharina's lab looks at how lipids drive cellular changes that affect ageing and longevity. [more]


Scientists create a molecular toolbox for cracking protein postcodes

Check out the Ulrich lab's new Molecular Cell paper here [more]


Sina Wittmann joins IMB as a Group Leader

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How male mosquitoes compensate for having only one X chromosome

Check out the Keller Valsecchi lab's new Nature paper here [more]


The IPP Winter call is now OPEN!

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IMB researchers identify a key splicing factor for splicing long introns

Check out the König and Luck labs' new Molecular Cell paper here [more]


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Scientists at IMB develop an epigenetic clock to measure ageing in frogs

Check out the Niehrs lab's new GeroScience publication here [more]