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Trainer: Fridolin Kielisch


Trainer: Fridolin Kielisch in cooperation with IMB core facilites

Date & Time: 9 April - 14 May 2024, 9:15 - 10:45 (6 weekly units of 90 minutes each, always Tue)

Venue: tentative onsite

Target group: 1st year PhD student + young researchers aiming at repetition


This module focuses on statistics as an important instrument of scientific work. Students will take a 'probabilistc point of view' on scientific experiments and familiarize themselfes with statistical tools like confidence intervals, hypothesis tests, ANOVA, etc. The course mainly uses the statistical computing framework R, but due to the general nature of the topics any statistical software can be used you are familiar with. 

The module consists of seven units. Between the sessions, the students will do small exercises at home. Tutors will be available for questions and answers.


Participants must be familiar with a software allowing statistical analysis prior to the course. For beginners, we recommend and support a self-learning course in R (ideally in the second half of September). 


Please register by 11 March 2024

To receive information on course fees for external* participants, please email

Trainer: Fridolin Kielisch

Date: 09 Apr 2024
Time: 09:15 - 11:00
Location: IMB
Registration: 28 Jan 2024
Contact: training(at)